3 Ways to Reduce Customer Churn Immediately

3 Ways to Reduce Customer Churn Immediately

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September 14, 2020 | 5 Min Read

Every business gets impacted by customer churn at some point in its tenure. Customer churn can be defined as the number of customers who leave a company during a specific period. 

Every day businesses deal with this problem but in a very different way. Some immediately start looking for new customers to replace the lost ones, while others put the thinking cap on to ascertain what went wrong and how to reduce the customer churn at the very first instance. 

While it is true that it is nearly impossible to reduce the customer churn rate to 0%, there are specific ways that can help you minimize it. 

Here are these ways, which I have described in detail in the forthcoming sections of this blog:

  • Always Aim to Provide Stellar Customer Service
  • Thoroughly Review the Customer Onboarding Process
  • Pay Special Attention to the Complaints

1. Always Aim to Provide Stellar Customer Service

You might say, “Duh! Vivek, this seems to be quite obvious!” Believe me, I promise this section will prove to be quite insightful in answering all your doubts.

Unsatisfactory customer service is said to be the primary reason for customers to leave a company.

With so many alternatives available in recent times, today, customers refuse to compromise. And the fact is, why should they?

In case they are not happy with your service, they are well aware that there are ample options available to choose from.


Consider this - Every time you lose a customer, your competitor scores upon you. This ultimately makes them a bit stronger.

As they increase their loyal customer base with your ex-customers, there will come a time when your business will be left biting the dust. 

The good news is providing consistently stellar customer services does not require a lot of effort. Here are the ones that I suggest you focus:

- Regular Interaction with Existing Customers

Always maintain communication with your existing customers regularly. Be proactive and initiate conversations.

This prevents small, manageable problems from becoming a big-scale disaster. Kick-off by sending a welcome newsletter with details of whom to get in touch if they need any help. Send follow-up emails reminding them that support is available at a click away.

- Address the Customers by their First Names

Always use the first name of the customer. These small details, in the end, make a huge difference in fostering a strong relationship with customers. Ensure that you comprehend the channels that your customers prefer to receive communication from your brand.

In this digital era, with so many telemarketing calls and cold emails, 89% of customers prefer to use text messages to interact with businesses as a primary means of communication. 

- Add value at every touchpoint

Think of every correspondence as an opportunity to showcase your products and services.

Explain to the customers how your offerings can continue to help them achieve their goals. This will create a win-win situation for both customers and your company. 

- Quick Resolution to Customer Issues

Remember, today, bad news travels faster and can have a domino effect on your brand. Losing a single customer not only translates into losing the business that one customer can bring. It can also mean losing potential customers that the existing one can get through positive word of mouth.

It has been proven that 67% of customer churn can be prevented if companies resolve issues in the very first instance of their occurrence.

Hence, always assign your best customer service representatives to handle customer complaints to ensure efficient resolution of customer issues on an immediate basis. 

- Take a Follow-Up After Resolution of the Customer Query

Always take a follow up once you resolve the concern of the customers. Certain customers simply give up after one unsatisfactory experience. Instead of raising another complaint, they prefer to take their business somewhere else. 

2. Thoroughly Review the Customer Onboarding Process

While deciphering your customer’s journey, pay special attention to the customer onboarding process. 

Whenever a customer signs up for your product or service, they are likely to be full of excitement and anticipation. 

Your onboarding process is probably the very first experience that the customer has with your products and services. This means that it needs to be spectacular.


In case your onboarding process is very intricate wherein you make lots of errors and bugs or you do something to hurt the user experience (UX), your recently acquired customers can easily get perturbed about their recent purchases from your company.

3. Pay Special Attention to the Complaints

You must have already anticipated this tip. 

This is perhaps the most powerful mechanism to keep customers by your side. 
In any industry and for any brand, poor customer service is a major reason for customer churn.


According to a report published by Oracle on the impact of customer experience, it says that “The two key reasons for customers to leave a brand are incompetent and rude staff members and unbearable slow service.”

The same report showcases that 58% of customers will never use a brand again after a single negative experience, and 48% who had a negative experience will tell more than ten people about it. 

Hence, it is essential to pay special attention to customer complaints. 

Final Words

Now that I have given you ample reasons that showcase why you cannot afford to lose customers, it is better to concentrate on being a keeper. 

In simple words, it means you need to tell your customers through your actions why it is better to keep you and stay in touch with you instead of moving to your competitors.

It is equally significant to keep this in mind that the main reasons for customer churn have nothing to do with your products & services. Instead, it mainly comes down to poor customer service!

In short, maintaining your customers is not rocket science! 
It merely caters to scrutinizing the reasons behind the customer churn and then trying to rectify them.


Always maintain communication with the existing customers and involve them in your products and services, improve your customer service levels, and ensure that they see what they gain by staying with you instead of moving to your competitor.

What more tips do you have to reduce the customer churn?

Please post your comments below and let me know.

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