How Customer Journey Mapping Helps Drive Business Growth?

How Customer Journey Mapping Helps Drive Business Growth?

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March 19, 2021 | 2 Min Read

When was shooting in the dark a viable option?

Never... Right? 

So, why shoot in the dark when it comes to selling? 

One of the most important things that help SMBs, big enterprises, and even startups to scale their business is - Customer Journey Mapping.

Customer Journey Mapping is an umbrella concept that houses in it several potent methodologies like:  

  • Creating Customer Persona
  • Creating a Marketing Funnel 
  • Designing marketing materials according to the position of prospects in the marketing funnel
  • Allocation of resources to maximize ROI 
  • Understanding the psychology of your customers 
  • Pitfalls and USPs of your products and services

So, what is customer journey mapping? 

It is the process of creating an understanding through a visual story/drawing/document etc., of your prospects and customers’ interactions with your brand across their buying journey. 

This exercise helps you as a business to understand the customer's perspective by stepping into their shoes. 

Isn't it commonsensical that you need to understand your target audience if you want to build a people-centric business? And to understand them, you have to see what they see, and more importantly, how they see!

Did you know that a 2018 customer journey mapping report stated that as much as 67% of customer experience professionals from all those surveyed across the globe are using or have used customer journey mapping at some point in their career?

Additionally, a staggering 90% of those using customer journey mapping confirmed that this practice positively impacts their endeavors. The main one being an increase in customer satisfaction. Other positive impacts were fewer customer complaints, lower churn rates, and higher NPS. 

Enough said.  

Customer Journey Mapping is compulsory if a successful brand and business is what you want. Period. Here's some valuable information that can get you started:  

Learn 5 most important steps for customer journey mapping

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