Customer Appreciation: 10 Effective Ways You Must Try

Customer Appreciation: 10 Effective Ways You Must Try

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February 11, 2021 | 10 Min Read

Customer Appreciation is the tactic every business should leverage to sustain and win the market. In this article we have discussed the ins-and-outs about the effective ways you can adopt and win this year.

"A word of appreciation often can accomplish what nothing else could accomplish." -   B. C. Forbes

It has been observed that expressing gratitude like merely saying "thank you" to a fellow person has positive connotations to the grateful person and the one who witnesses it.

Researchers who have studied gratitude have found that being thankful and expressing it to others is good for our health and happiness. It makes you feel good and aids in building trust and having closer bonds with people around us.

Now you might ask, what are the best ways to practice customer gratitude in the business world? My answer would be, you can do that through customer appreciation emails and customer appreciation messages. 

However, these two are just the tip of the iceberg!

Continue reading to get an idea on how to showcase gratitude towards your customers through seamless customer appreciation ideas in different ways.

What is Customer Appreciation?

I  Appreciate You

In layman's terms, customer appreciation is the art of expressing gratitude towards your customers. 

One way to practice this art is by following a consistent, generous approach towards engagement that conveys each customer's significance towards the success of your organization.

Every business needs to prioritize customer appreciation as it can uplift the morale of each and every segment that has a connection with your business. 

The feelings and expressing of gratitude have psychological benefits for team members that contribute to uplifting the work environment. In short, you need to put the people first.

By appreciating your customers daily, businesses have the scope of reinforcing their relationship that has the potential of translating into higher retention and referral rates.

However, if you are wondering, is there a metric that can measure the Impact of customer appreciation? Then I have the answer. No, it cannot be necessarily measured in terms of customer metrics but, if you thank your customers, it can make them feel valued, heard, and seen.

When you inculcate the habit of showing gratitude towards your customer from day one, you build positive momentum for your business that can be carried forward for a very long time. I don't think you would ever need a better reason to practice gratitude towards your customer, do you??

Why is it Essential to Practice Customer Appreciation while conducting business? 

If you practice gratitude towards customers by appreciating them genuinely, it inculcates an environment of continued trust that can prove to be the lifeblood that keeps your business running.

The beautiful part about this feeling is, once they feel appreciated, your customers are more likely to stick with you for a pretty long time. They might even go one step ahead by sharing their experience of conducting the business with others.

Always keep this in mind: The more loyal a customer is, the higher their lifetime value would be for your business and it would eventually help reduce the churn rate. Remember, loyal customers are more likely to recommend your company to their friends and professional network.

Thank you

The good part is, once a recommendation comes from a trusted person, these friends from their professional network are more likely to become your loyal customers. Isn't that amazing?

Albeit, if you think that excellent customer service is the doorway to genuine customer appreciation, then you're wrong, my friend! When customers perform a transaction with you, they expect your business to meet their needs and resolve their problems.

What they're least expecting are the thoughtful gestures from your side that can make them feel like VIPs. These small but crucial touches set your business different from your competitors and show your customers that you genuinely appreciate them for being there for your business.

Now, as promised, let's now dive straight into the apt and effective ways to appreciate your customers.

Ten Gracious Ways to Thank Your Customers

Showing customer appreciation in today's dynamic business environment can become challenging, especially when you wish to stay professional yet create a meaningful connection with your customers.

Here are some of the customer appreciation ideas that can help you make your customers feel extra special.

1. Emails

Generally, you will send thank you emails to your customers whenever a prospect, lead, or customer fills out a form on your landing page. This is where a kickback email will get triggered once they submit. 

These kickback emails are often termed thank-you emails. 

These emails signify the fulfillment of your promise to the user and storing their information you promised them safely in the inbox.

Here's an example from Impact Branding & Design that showcases a customer appreciation email sent by Ramona Sukhraj, the content marketing manager, to a customer who requested to download a guide titled “A Guide to Getting Started with LinkedIn Marketing,” by providing their email address, and she sent a link to them.

Appreciation Email

The good thing about such customer appreciation emails is, they thank the reader for filling up the forms. 

They also give them what you have promised, whether it is a link to the PDF, an eBook, instructions on how to activate the trial, or the coupon they requested. Such customer appreciation emails do not overcomplicate the subject. 

As such, the readers are not looking for additional information. Instead, they wish to know about the offer or content that they redeemed.

2. Early Access

In case you perceive that it is imperative to create an exclusive sales campaign for your email list for an early access client appreciation, then you are in for a surprise.

In case you're already planning to run a campaign, it's time to give your subscribers early access and engage them with a hinge of exclusivity.

Check out how elf Cosmetics does this most amazingly.

Early access sale

With an action-driven line that reads "jump the line," Elf Cosmetics gives its subscribers an incentive to early access to its upcoming Black Friday sales before anyone else. 

The good news is that the company provides an easy option to proclaim the much-awaited price in the form of an easy-to-click button, making you visit its landing page.

3. Appreciate Customers for Referrals

Referrals are the lifeblood for businesses. Hence, it would help if you took time to thank a customer for personally referring to your name. 

One way to do that is by sending the referring customer a handwritten note or card without delay. This form of customer appreciation message will leave a positive impact on the minds of your customers. 

It would also give them the impetus to keep on referring your brand to their near and dear ones. I would even recommend you to pick up your Goddamn mobile phone and leave a voice message if possible.

Remember this detail: Even if the referral did not turn into a potential customer, it's about time for you to thank your customers for referring to your brand. 

A simple follow up call later by informing them how things panned out and thanking them again will end up being a winning call. You can also consider giving them a gift, a discount coupon, or another form as a token of appreciation

In case your customers have a business of their own, you can even go on referring their business as a token of appreciation as and when the situation arises. This is popularly known as reverse referrals. You can also promote their name on social media. This is a thoughtful way of showcasing your appreciation. Helping them succeed may enhance your chances of getting reciprocation from them.

Here's how Google Pay appreciates customers for paying amount using their platform.

Referral rewards

4. An Unexpected Upgrade

Just imagine you've gone for a solo trip. It's not your honeymoon or a celebratory vacation, just a long weekend for a little time away. 

You step to the check-in desk at your hotel, and someone hands you a glass of champagne and a free upgrade! Will you not get excited? It might be a case that the hotel gives a random customer an upgrade every day – and today is your lucky day.

The best thing about an unexpected upgrade is it knocks your customer off their feet. And it does not even cost much.

A hotel does not lose out on much by ensuring that you have a top-notch experience there if their best suite is still accessible.

Always be generous when it comes to giving upgrades, irrespective of the business you're in. It does not take much to offer the nicest table in a restaurant or giving a software upgrade to a long-term customer.

Here’s an example of a customer appreciation message sent by Emirates airlines to one of its passengers.

Unexpected upgrade in airlines

5. Provide Them An Exceptional Event Treatment

Just like an unexpected upgrade of a product, inviting customers to a special event can be a great way to spread positive goodwill around. 

This way, your customers will start talking about your business. You could hold a wine & cheese event at your store, a celebration event for a holiday like New Year or Christmas.

Encourage your customers to come along with their friends and family. This way, you can get introduced to a new segment of the audience to your business. 

If it is an online registration tool, customers can sign up to attend in advance and even provide information about other guests joining them.

6. Social Media Shout Outs

Digital platforms in today's fast-paced era is a great place to show customer appreciation. This is especially the case with social media. 

Highlight your top customers by sharing their names on your social media accounts. Then thank the customers by sharing their social brand mentions. 

Alternatively, you can give your loyal customers a shout out through your social media channels and accounts.

7. Send a Handwritten Letter

In today's internet world, where everything revolves around clicks, keystrokes, and beeps, nothing can be compared to the excitement one gets from receiving a handwritten customer appreciation message.

It is always great to know that someone took some time of their life to sit down and personally address you. This particular aspect makes it even more valuable in the eyes of the receiver. 

It can be your big-ticket in today's corporate world where everyone is obsessed with automation. You will, thus, end up differentiating your brand from the competitors.

Here's a handwritten customer appreciation message from Jimyz Automotive to one of its customers.

Handwritten appreciation message

This handwritten message got viral on Reddit immediately after it was posted. Several Reddit users even commented on the thread by saying that they knew the business and loved Jim, too.

The customer who received this handwritten customer appreciation message will surely be on Cloud 9 and remember it for a pretty long time. 

And you can rest assured, the next time he/she requires car service, Jimyz Automotive will be the first company on his mind.

8. Birthday Specials

A simple "Happy Birthday" email can go a long way in creating a positive impression in the minds of your customers. You can add that up by offering a special discount or freebie that can be redeemed for the entire week. 

Don't just assume that your customers will visit you during their birthday; stand out by giving them a part of the cherry yourself!

Here's an example of a customer appreciation message received by one of our colleagues from Citibank.

Birthday email

9. Host An Appreciation Party

Another effective way to show customer appreciation is by offering a fun event for your customers by throwing an epic party. 

I would suggest you have this event organized at your business location or consider renting a space to organize a high-end affair. It should not be necessarily expensive or grand if you are going through a rough phase in your business. 

Merely purchasing a few bottles of wine and some cheese can set up a night filled with drinks and networking. This can work even better than a significant celebration or loud party. You can always invite new customers as well as loyal customers. 

According to LiveAgent.com, loyal customers end up buying 90% more often and spend 60% more per transaction. This is your perfect opportunity to gel with your loyal customers and interact with them.

Here’s an image that showcases a pic of hosting a client appreciation party.

Appreciation Party

10. Free Trials 

Free trials are probably the most significant thing that you can ever offer to a customer as a gesture of gratitude. Here the goal is to make the users try the product for free and then go for the premium version. 

Here's an example of LinkedIn that showcases how it needs to be done.

LinkedIn 1 month free premium trial

LinkedIn encourages its users to try the free trial for 30 days. Here, the users need to put in their credit card details for verification purposes. 

This way, users can try the tool for a month and then decide to continue using it or cancel the trial period.

Final Words

These are some of the apt and effective ways to say “thank you” to your customers and appreciate them. The list that I have mentioned above is not exhaustive. 

You can very well add up a few more ways to send customer appreciation messages targeting different customers in varied industries. 

However, the best way to do this is by finding opportunities to refer your customers so that it is a win-win situation for both of you. 

Remember, saying "Thank you" is not only an excellent way to express your gratitude, but it also opens a line of communication between you and your client while keeping your brand on top of their minds. 

Can you think of better ways to appreciate your customers than this?

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