9 Best Chatbot Examples: Most Intelligent and Innovative

9 Best Chatbot Examples: Most Intelligent and Innovative

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August 28, 2020 | 9 Min Read

It's not uncommon to go on a website today and be asked the words "Hi, there! Do you have any questions? Ask me. I can help." Well, not exactly these words but a string of them that mean the same thing. If you have encountered this dialog, you were just chatted up by a chatbot. You will learn more about Chatbots and about some amazing chatbot examples, further in this article.

Chatbots are a kind of computer program that uses artificial intelligence to comprehend the context of a sentence and respond to it in the written or spoken word.

Chatbots can be programmed to respond to questions in particular words or phrases, pre-conceived dialogs, or even sophisticated interactions. Further in the article, we have discussed some intriguing chatbot examples for you.

Chatbots are forever growing in popularity due to the range of benefits they provide. Chief among these benefits is advanced customer support. These bots make it possible to deliver satisfactory customer experiences by automating almost 80% of routine service requests.

The marked success of chatbots has also seen them being adopted across different industry verticals, with Invespcro reporting that more than 67% of consumers used a chatbot for customer support in 2018.

The Rise of Chatbots

As mentioned above, a chatbot is a computer program that is deployed over the internet and is designed to mimic conversations with human users.

Sophisticated chatbots are built through machine learning and involve a program that improves upon itself continuously as it's used. Natural language processing (NLP), a subfield of computer linguistics, is concerned with interactions between humans and computers.

However, perennial developments with respect to chatbots led the OpenAI, an AI research firm, to make waves when they announced the release of the GPT-2 language model. Much like NLP, GPT-2 simulates paragraphs of long natural language text, which is often very realistic and intrinsically coherent.

This development was outdone by Open AI itself when it announced the release of GPT-3, a new language model that expands on its predecessor by several dimensions.

Its release sent shockwaves through the customer support industry because of its ability to generate seemingly realistic text that could incentivize a wide range of applications.

Its most readily available use case is the chatbot. For years, the best efforts of tech organizations to come up with something that can simulate realistic conversations with human users have always fallen flat. But that was only until now.

The advent of GPT-3 promises that subsequent models will increasingly approach human-like language abilities, at the very least, for surface interactions - something that's the case with a chatbot.

Its incredible realism heralds a new era of conversational interfaces, and the day when computer models like GPT-3 can parse and solve complex user queries without human intervention may soon be upon us.

As expectations from automated CX skyrocket, so do the number of chatbots in the market. In this post, we will take a look at the best chatbot examples of 2020.

9 Most Intelligent and Innovative Chatbot Examples

1. HelloFresh's Freddy

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Our first chatbot example is Freddy, by HelloFresh, is a bot developed for providing support to customers to shorten wait times for them. The bot can automatically reply to customer inquiries and also provide recipe suggestions to customers looking for a particular dish.

Although Freddy's primary function is to provide customer support, it also provides an array of other useful options to users, which includes a reminder service that recalls users' attention to pick their weekly meals in time to complete their food order.

The goes one step further and also provides you Spotify playlist recommendations so that you have something to listen to while you are cooking.

All of these features help Freddy provide HelloFresh customers with a satisfactory experience that goes far beyond a simple give-and-take relationship and turns it into something much more endearing.

The chatbot has been so successful that meal delivery services recorded a 47% increase in incoming messages while response times shortened by 76%.

2. Amtrak's Julie

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Second, in the list of chatbot examples is Amtrak. A passenger railroad service, came up with the idea of Ask Julie to ease online self-service for their 375,000 website visitors.

A huge organization, Amtrak's website, kept getting increased footfall of online clients and was finding it increasingly tough to manage and maintain satisfactory customer interactions.

This was when Amtrak partnered with Next IT to create Ask Julie, Amtrak's customer-friendly AI chatbot, to help visitors find answers without having to call the support team. Julie also helps travelers book rail travel and assists them by pre-filling in forms on their behalf.

Users can ask Julie for help with booking reservations, and even station and route information in their natural language, and Julie will assist them accordingly.

This venture by Amtrak saw them answer more than 5,000,000 questions in just a year, thus helping them register a 30% increase in revenue and a 50% YoY growth.

As Julie's usage grew by 50%, Amtrak saved $1 million in customer service costs and experienced an 800% RoI, and made it the recipient of the Awards. AI's Global Annual Achievement Award for Best Consumer Application of AI.

3. KLM's BB

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Third, in the list of chatbot examples is Blue-Bot, rechristened as BB, is the Netherlands' flag carrier airline, KLM's chatbot. BB helps travelers with KLM find new travel destinations, book their flights, and also pack their bags for them. It is deployed through Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant.

Akin to Amtrak, KLM developed BB to assist it with handling the large number of service requests that came flying in by customers through social media. Created with DialogFlow and driven by DigitalGenius, KLM's BB is a professional and helpful chatbot that continually learns from customer interactions through NLU.

BB is such a hit that users reportedly enjoy all their conversations and the Easter eggs these interactions contain with it in the form of responses to their queries.

4. AskBenji

Fourth, in the list of chatbot examples is a first of its kind chatbot, AskBenji, was developed for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Created for the use of Arizona State University students, its main function is to help them out with information on how to earn financial aid to pay for their fees.

Exclusively available on SMS, Benji is at the number 602-786-8171 for students to use the free service. Students can send a message to the number and type in the questions they want. There's a trick to asking for queries, though.

Benji is a keyword-based chatbot and users will have to type their questions in a way that it contains the relevant keywords for Benji to respond to them based on the keywords it recognizes.

If questions don't contain the right keywords, Benji continues the conversation by requesting the user to either paraphrase their question or asking for more cues.

5. Lark

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Fifth, in the list of chatbot examples, is Lark's chatbot.

It deserves a special mention just for the fact that it is a pioneer chatbot in the healthcare industry. The Lark bot is an "AI nurse" and takes care of patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, or dementia.

It provides its users with useful and constructive medical advice. It is a conversational and smart fitness bot that, apart from providing you with necessary medical advice, also tracks your fitness productivity and progress through building an engaging relationship with you.

Developed for people with poor behavioral or physical health, Lark monitors the health data of its users.

With the help of this information, Lark ascertains which healthy habits to prescribe to an individual depending upon their needs so that they can start seeing meaningful results.

It is also contextual, which means that it can have mimic human-like interactions. This is especially a boon for older users who are typically averse to technology as it helps them engage with the bot easily.

Lark can also be systematically paired with other medical equipment to increase their efficiency.

In fact, a recent study by Omron revealed that when researchers paired Lark with their blood pressure monitor, it resulted in a 5mm Hg decrease in diastolic and systolic blood pressure over the course of 180 days. A decrease of this margin is very significant and can even reduce the risk of cardiac events.

6. KLM's Messenger Bot

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Sixth, in the list of chatbot examples is a Facebook Messenger offshoot of the Blue-Bot by KLM, this bot runs on, you guessed it, Facebook Messenger. It can redirect any notification to the messenger. Created primarily for Facebook users, this bot can provide information regarding delays, check-in reminders, and more.

Users can also interact with the bot for other useful services like updating their seats sitting or meal preferences. This, in turn, makes for better and greater engagement with the customer.

7. x.ai's Amy

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Seventh, in the list of chatbot examples, is possibly the smartest "bot" on the list, Amy is a conversational interface that juggles various input and conversation streams with multiple people simultaneously to carry out a complex task.

The founder of x.ai, Dennis R. Mortensen, came up with the idea for the digital assistant, Amy, after he had to schedule almost 1019 meetings on his own. x.ai then developed and launched Amy in 2014, and since then, Amy has scheduled close to 1M+ meetings and even received chocolates and flowers from people.

People who need to schedule meetings can simply sign up @ x.ai and include amy@x.ai in their emails.

According to x.ai, Amy is a "person" who is also a meeting scheduler and exists via its email address. Whenever someone wants to plan to meet with someone or schedule an appointment, they can copy (CC) Amy to do the scheduling. Should people wish to schedule in-person meetings, Amy also comes up with venue and time suggestions. Once a meeting has been scheduled, it is integrated into the calendar, and invitations are sent out to the other(s).

Amy also has a consistent "personality," with the team at x.ai striving particularly hard to provide it with one. So much so that a Harvard drama major corroborated all of Amy's statements and found them to be meticulously consistent. Amy's limited domain also provides it with an advantage and makes it the best meeting scheduler there is.

8. Sephora Assistant

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Eighth, in the list of chatbot examples, is Sephora.

The leading beauty brand, Sephora, wanted to prompt more clients to visit its stores by providing them with a convenient way to book appointments.

The inspiration behind it was to propel customer service to greater heights by reducing the number of steps required for clients to book makeovers by meeting their clients at a place where they were already present.

Sephora then partnered with Assi.st and Facebook to build a chatbot as part of an initiative to fuel in-store visits.

This collaboration gave birth to Sephora Assistant, a Facebook Messenger chatbot, presented by the prestige beauty retailer, to offer its clients an easy way to schedule makeovers and appointments at any of its locations across the USA.

Developed as a way to create better client experiences for a valuable client segment, Sephora Assistant makes the booking experience easier and faster, resulting in increased store visits.

Sephora Assistant for Messenger helps clients schedule makeover sessions at a proximate Sephora location in as few as three steps.

Sephora Assistant not only enhances the customer service by offering clients to book a makeover in a few simple steps, but it also increases traffic to the stores.

This results in a profitable scenario for both the clients and the brand, with Sephora recently reporting that the introduction of the chatbot has helped them realize an incremental spend of $50, on average, from people who booked the in-store service from the bot.

The simplified booking process for driving increased customer satisfaction also led to an overall 11% increase in appointments.

9. Domino's Chatbot

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Ninth, in the list of chatbot examples, is one of the first major brands of any industry to embrace AI chatbot technology, Domino's Pizza made waves when it was realized the ubiquitous nature of Facebook Messenger and leveraged it to create a conversational interface.

The conversational interface at first was only limited to delivering content and allowing people to order their pizza through Facebook Messenger.

After open experimentation and deliberation over six months, Domino's rolled out its chatbot in February 2017 from where users would finally be able to order their food.

This was a revelation at the time since buyers usually needed to hold a Domino's account if they wished to buy a pizza online.

After their bot was rolled out, users could access and browse the full restaurant menu from it, customize their orders, and order it, all from the same place.

The bot also has useful features for Domino's account holders. Users who have an account can straightaway use the bot to reorder their previously ordered food or access the Easy Order section to order their regular choice.

Users can obtain timely updates on how their food is coming along and track its progress from preparation to delivery.

Chat Who?

Discounting the chatbots mentioned above, there are various other intelligent bots that are revolutionizing customer support. Powered by artificial intelligence solutions, these advanced bots are recreating customer support and delivering nigh-perfect customer experiences.

Enterprises looking to improve on their customer experience efforts would do well to hop on the AI bandwagon as it is increasingly remodeling many essential aspects of a business in its image.

With digital transformation becoming a tangible dream now, organizations that keep a pulse on the development of AI solutions and are quick to leverage it will see improved business success in the times to come.

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